The DIY Nativity Play

A Unique Do-It-Yourself Nativity Play!

2 Kings in Costumes

The D-I-Y Nativity Play

“The church really entered into the fun of it and the children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity for some good humoured mockery of the adult volunteers!”

Angela (after using it in my own church)

The DIY Nativity Play is purpose written for a small cast of reading age and needs…..

  • Very little rehearsal and
  • No memorising

I wrote this particular script when our Sunday school had very few young children, but the older children we had were fairly self-conscious about doing a ‘cute’ traditional nativity play, and we didn’t even have enough children to fulfil the usual cast. We needed something ……

  • easy to recast in the event of absence or illness, and
  • simple to use regardless of the number of children.
  • INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE in an easy to use format.

The nativity script lasts around 15 to 20 minutes and is written entirely in rhyme, including all the instructions to and the mockery of the volunteer cast!

The children didn’t want to ‘perform’ any songs, so we blended the nativity service with congregational carol singing, making for a lovely, Christmas family atmosphere.  As this script is newly available for sale I have no testimonials (yet!), just the benefit of my own experience (and a home video of our own nativity,  which will eventually be uploaded for you to view….sorry; so much to do!)  In the meantime, however, click here for my own opinion on what circumstances this script is suited to (in the absence of any testimonials yet!)

The D-I-Y Nativity Play… 

  • tells the traditional, bible based nativity story in a hilarious, light-hearted way,
  • using narration full of humour, sarcasm and mockery of the adult volunteers (all scripted in rhyme for the narrators to read…with attitude!)
  • is a great way to bring young and old together in a nativity service with a difference.
  • has a great message: WE ALL need to share the message of Jesus

The fact that the whole script is narrated makes it simple to recast in the event of illness or absence, so no last minute panics! (Can you tell I’ve done this before?!)

Required: (This is all made clear on the downloadable script)

  • The basic traditional children’s nativity costumes for Mary, Joseph, 1 king, 1 shepherd, Angel Gabriel, angels (if required)
  • 2 make-do adult kings costumes (dressing-gowns/kaftans would do fine), with crowns (homemade is fine) PLUS the 3 gifts
  • 2 make-do adult shepherds costumes (a basic drab looking long waistcoat is ideal)
  • Several pairs of adults wings and tinsel halos

THE CAST  (Narrators can be split and shared out differently if you choose, and walk on parts can be allocated as you choose.)

If used as written it will include:

  • 6 narrators and the following non-speaking parts for children:
  • Mary, Joseph, Shepherd, King, angels,
  • PLUS adult volunteers from the congregation (2 kings, 2 shepherds and some angels)


Problem solved!

When we used this script at our church our cast was too small to perform songs, so we used carols/ hymns for the congregation to sing at the appropriate places.  This script therefore makes suggestions of popular carols to use, rather than providing music, which adds to the feeling of this being a nativity service rather than a play, but there are many possibilities so just choose your favourites.

Click here for a preview of the script……    THE D-I-Y NATIVITY PLAY

If you are ready to buy the Do It Yourself Nativity Play, click on the BUY IT NOW button below, or continue reading if you need more details.

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So, how much does it cost, and what is included?

I pride myself in making my scripts the best value for money around, so The D-I-Y Nativity Play can be downloaded instantly to your computer for the special low price of  just £9.95.

For this one time investment you will receive:

  • An easy to follow script, with
  • A built in note-making column
  • A cast listing and breakdown of lines per narrator
  • Some helpful directing suggestions
  • Permission to re-use the script with NO LICENCE FEE TO PAY

And wait, there’s more…….


The document is provided as an  A4 WORD DOCUMENT,

which is yours to customize as you choose once you have bought it, so that you can……..

  • Reduce or lengthen the script
  • add your choice of songs
  • Add names
  • Print off your finished version, exactly representing your own personal nativity plans, and distribute individual speaking parts for the children to learn.
    • All without any untidy scribbles or mess on the pages, leaving it as clear and easy as possible to read and use!

Having the downloadable copy was invaluable as we could adapt it to meet our own needs and personalise it”
Kirsty, Summerhill Junior School, Bristol


  • The “D-I-Y Nativity Roll Call” performance poem, which has a powerful message for the congregation, and makes a fabulous and unique finale for your nativity service.  Done in the style of a rhyming ‘register’, this gives everyone involved the opportunity to be acknowledged (and to respond with “here”).  This idea has been so well received that it has become my trademark and I now write a ‘Roll Call’ for every script.
  • The  “The Message of God’s Grace” : A purpose written Christmas rhyming poem which can, if you choose, be read out to round up the message at the end of your nativity play.

So, what are you waiting for?  It doesn’t get much better than this:

Grab your LICENCE FREE COPY of the Do-It-Yourself  Nativity Play script at the …….

 Special Low Price of

£21.95 £9.95 for the customizable word document

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Not sure? 

Why not let the narrator tell the entire story and give the cast instructions, all in rhyme via the script (making this possible to do without a rehearsal!)  There are 19 small optional speaking parts (each following obvious prompts such as “The innkeeper said….), plus lots of narration to share as you choose, as well as an instructor giving the instructions to the actors if you have any.Printable script cards are included (plus ‘name tags’ for if you have a director brave enough to do an impromptu nativity play without rehearsal!)  If the actor doesn’t say it, the narrator does….Do you fancy doing a simple nativity play?

If so, click here to go to THE SIMPLEST NATIVITY PLAY EVER.

The following scripts all include songs using words to simple, familiar children’s tunes, but these can be omitted and replaced with congregational carols if preferred.  The scripts can all be adapted for varying size casts:

Maybe you’d prefer the traditional bible based nativity story told with lots of humour and adding a contemporary twist, again all in rhyme, including the narration which holds it all together.

If so, click here to go to my CHILDREN’S NATIVITY STORY

Or maybe you’d prefer the combination of a modern day Christmas Eve setting anticipating Santa (or St Nicholas), alongside a reminder of the traditional bible based nativity, with a hint of pantomime villain in Herod!

If so, click here to go to my GRANDPA’S NATIVITY STORY

Or how about the gossiping innkeeper’s wife telling the traditional nativity story using her diary, with her somewhat downtrodden husband, and the narrator correcting her version of events from time to time! Mary also adds an extra touch of humour with her uniquely amusing dialogue with Joseph. (Older children and even teenagers particularly enjoy this nativity script)


Still prefer the Do-It-Yourself Nativity Play?

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Spoilt for choice?

At this price, where’s the harm in buying a couple and being prepared for next year too?  You have my blessing to mix and match the songs (and even parts of the scripts if you like.)  Adapt them as you choose.

Ps. If you are still not sure, remember that you don’t have to take my word for it. Read the fantastic testimonials that I have received, from teachers and nativity organisers who have used the scripts.

PPs Still not sure? Click here and let the script previews speak for themselves.  In the meantime why not TRY OUT MY WORK FOR FREE? Download your FREE COPY of my “Nativity Roll Call” rhyming poem which makes a fantastic finish to any traditional nativity play!  Just enter your email address in the box below, click the “Send my Free Roll Call NOW!” button and you will receive your FREE copy delivered straight to your inbox!  Once you’ve got that, come back here to select your instantly downloadable nativity play – you’ll be glad you did!

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PPPs. Why do I do it for this price?

You have a very special outreach ministry, and this is my way of supporting it.  Don’t ever underestimate the difference that you are making in sharing this powerful story in such a simple and beautiful way.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”   Matthew 19 verse 14

Have great fun with your nativity play/ service and have a fabulous Christmas.

God bless

Angela Yardy

The DIY Nativity Play

2 comments on “The DIY Nativity Play
  1. Natalie Jones says:

    Can I buy and download this in the U.S.? Looks like this would be great for our Church!

    Natalie Jones

    • Helen says:

      Hi Natalie, absolutely you can. We’ve had people buy and download our nativity scripts from many Countries around the world and we’ve had fantastic feedback. We have many customers from the U.S. who have thoroughly enjoyed our Nativity plays.
      It’s a very simple process to buy and download, with clear instructions along the way. Customer service is an absolute priority to us so if you do happen to experience any problems we will be quick to help you out.
      Enjoy your nativity!
      God Bless
      Helen (on behalf of Angela)


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